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Progressive Modernistic Victoriana

This Victorian terraced property is representative of many houses across ATELIER/ i . d .'s  local region, so it was a delight to work with this fashion industry client to make her families home stand out from the populous crowd. The brief was for a clean edgy modernity; but to also acknowledge the house's Victorian period in creating a warm, cosy mood with a degree of intensity. And so our journey started with a fashion forward Jean Paul Gaultier wallpaper. The romantic blossom design in rich victorian colours of terracotta and burgundy is printed over modern grey images of architectural forms - depicting two common themes from the period. We emphasised the intensity of palette with a warm mahogany stain to the wood floor. Yet in opposition, we kept the walls off white, the bay window curtain-less, and the fireplace open - creating a contemporary lightness of space. Thus the present juxtaposed with the past. The simplicity of the bespoke shutters and blinds were then mirrored in an unadorned cabinet and a simple console table. Victoriana returns through the marble fire surround, wine tables, rattan chair and colonial trunk coffee table, accented with curated antiques, objets and museum style displays. The sofa references both past and present, its shape wholly in the now, yet the fabric and button detail a nod to the past. However, for the Kitchen-Diner, the extended newly built part of the home, we reversed our original concept and chose modernity as our base. Clean simple kitchen cabinets, neutral and crisp, sit happily alongside key accents of Victoriana. The chaise longue, decorative mirror, terracotta soft furnishings and ceramics all refer back to the period and break up any over minimalistic tone. The fresh bright gallery-esque canvas reflects the north facing light to full effect and opens the space out to the garden. The final touches with the planting both outside and in brings an Orangerie feel, so popular with the Victorians. The house is now creating its own new history and is being enjoyed by all generations of the family - and certainly stands out as unique.

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