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w e s t   h a m p s t e a d

private residential Project

Heritage Interior Architecture

A true passion project, this early Edwardian house was a precious Forever Home for a quality conversion. It had previously been split into bed sits and had lost many of its original features to 1960's 'modernisation'. It needed a complete overhaul and top to bottom renovation. For  A T E L I E R  |  id  the project became a heritage restoration. In order to bring the whole house firmly into the 21st century we demolished, rewired, re-plumbed, painstakingly restored and carefully rebuilt. Meticulous historical and period referencing was a huge part of the  A T E L I E R  |  id  process and many classic architectural documents and drawings were referenced.


A T E L I E R  |  id  is now assisting the client to complete the home with carefully sourced new furniture, reupholstery and restoration of heritage pieces, layered soft furnishings and styling with the clients tea set collections. For this client, design perfection can't be rushed.


WEST HAMPSTEAD testimonial


Dr White
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