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Tailored Coastal

The tropical world and the ocean was a great source of inspiration for this Caribbean dream property.

The architecture here still retains a bygone era's influence and motifs such as the pineapple (welcome), bee (community), and monkey (joyfulness) are built into the island's heritage interior design. In keeping, we designed with sea coral and starfish emblems.


The colour palette, borrowed from the natural world, was purposely chosen to set a peaceful mood and create a haven and sanctuary. As this was a rental property, materials and finishes had to be durable and cope with sun exposure, the wetter climate,

as well as be safe and washable.


Challenges with the time difference, high humidity and importing restrictions all presented issues we had to solve, and supporting the local industry was paramount for our client - so we commissioned local craftsmen, furniture makers,

seamstresses and photographers to bring our concept to life.


BARBADOS testimonial

"Katie has assisted me with numerous interior design projects over more than twenty years, both in the UK and Barbados. Her enthusiasm and creativity is inspirational. She has the ability to quickly adapt to your style, ideas and budget adding her imaginative professional flair to turn them into something super special.


Her interior design knowledge and attention to detail is impressive. She works hard with her vast archive of fabrics, finishes and accessories to achieve her beautiful mood boards and subsequently ensures that they are executed efficiently. She never fails to excite with her ideas and is a delight to work with."

Mrs Carrington
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