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Boutique Glamour

A T E L I E R  |  id  was charged with updating this landmark Grade II listed Hotel and Spa for the Wyndham Group back in 2016. The architectural heritage of the Manor House, built in the seventeenth century was the foundation of our design concept.

As the original architectural style was taken from Inigo Jones and thus Vitruvious the focus had to be on proportion and symmetry. 


We reviewed the floor plan and customer journey, focusing in on more purposeful zones. By relocating certain facilities, opening up closed off spaces and reinstating traditional architectural elements, we moulded a more functional ground floor,

thus increasing capacity and improving the customer experience.


Health and safety classifications, practicality and budget were intrinsic to the whole project and at the forefront of our decision making. To quote a local newspaper following the launch event, the hotel design was 'refinement redefined'.....A T E L I E R  |  id will take that!



“MIRRORS BAR is the perfect place to eat, drink and relax.....has stunning decor, exudes style and glamour, with soft lighting and quality furnishings to set the scene for relaxing lunches, and drinks with friends or even cocktails.....We have had this vision since we bought the hotel..... We wanted to create something of a destination, and we wanted somewhere that people could come and relax in comfort.....We believe we have achieved all of these things, it was such an honour to have had MIRRORS BAR put forward for the Midlands Food & Drink Hospitality Awards 2018."

Ms Bir
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