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private residential Project

Mid-Century Industrial Modern

This media industry couple briefed  A T E L I E R  |  id  to bring their favourite Barcelona boutique hotel to South London. The property was untouched for a generation and so a full refurbishment was our task.

We were able to practically reshape the space, creating a new laundry, WC and library for our clients vast book and vinyl collections,

as well as home offices, guest bedroom and a nursery for the first born.


For the decoration, as art collectors with an original Banksy to display, the creative stakes were high. We scoured vintage markets and our master craft suppliers to source everything from antique lighting to mid century furniture. Combined with key traditional features of the house, selected and carefully restored, the new and old merged to become an original and unique project. 


BRIXTON testimonial

"I had been personally recommended to Katie and was aware of her extensive experience both in the residential and commercial markets. The property was not local, but nothing seemed to be too much bother for Katie which was totally indicative of her approach to customer care.


It was clear from the first site visit that the project was far bigger than I had originally thought, and Katie’s knowledge of the victorian building was impressive. Katie drew up plans, gave me advice that was compelling and insightful, and even spoke to third parties on my behalf when something more technical needed explaining. On more than one occasion I felt very glad to have Katie by my side, in a field that was alien to me but was clearly where she felt very at home and her expertise simply shone. One of the things that struck me other than her incredible attention to detail, was Katie’s ability to plan for the future when considering the conversion.


Her vision for the end product was both innovative and thoughtful, and her space saving ideas were at times genius! I would not hesitate to recommend Katie and her team. Thank you Katie and Atelier, you have made this whole experience enjoyable."

Ms Hughes
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