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Graceful Couture

This beautiful home belongs to another loyal A T E L I E R  |  id  client couple with whom we have worked on several projects, both residential and commercial. Entertaining their large family and friends circle was a huge focus and social occasions required plenty of seating for their expanding brood and convivial guests and had to enable an ease of conversation and mingling.


We introduced a practical layout, with multiple shapes of upholstery, a rich colour scheme that created warmth and cosiness (to combat the northern light) and reflected that through fabrics, case furniture and textures to add depth to the space.

With the final touches and luxurious styling the room came into its own.


EPSOM testimonial

"We can always rely on Atelier ID to design with innovation, style, and class,

whether for us, our clients or our brands"

M & Mrs Zaidi
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