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private residential PROJECT

Tailored Quiet Elegance

A T E L I E R  |  id 's brief was to blend relaxed vintage charm with subtle quiet elegance. Our client had a treasure trove of vintage finds from New York tin ceiling tiles to antique french lighting. We wanted to enhance this unique collection so we focused on sophisticated textures against a backdrop of a tonal decorating palette. We carefully sourced additional vintage pieces to accentuate and added a touch of luxury in the silk wallpaper, panelling, four poster bed and even persuaded the client to wallpaper the ceiling for added drama.


Our space planning proposals allowed for a larger hallway and second bedroom by reconfiguring the rear layout of the apartment. We used the New York tiles to create an art installation that slides to reveal the television and the new dividing wall of the relocated bathroom permitted us to showcase a sourced vintage fireplace within the hallway - therefore adding interest to an otherwise transient space.


Our client was delighted with the result - which is always the joy and reward for us all at A T E L I E R  |  id



"One of the most impressive aspects of working with Atelier ID was their meticulous attention to space planning. They ingeniously maximized the potential of every nook and cranny, ensuring that both functionality and aesthetics were seamlessly integrated into the design scheme.


Their interior design concepts were nothing short of extraordinary, perfectly capturing the essence of my vision while respecting the character of my travel collection. Each detail was thoughtfully curated, resulting in a space that exudes elegance, sophistication, and timeless charm.


Furthermore, Atelier ID's expertise in procuring bespoke furniture and managing the build process was invaluable. They collaborated seamlessly with craftsmen and contractors, ensuring that every element of the design was executed to perfection.


In summary, Atelier ID's exceptional talent, professionalism, and dedication have made my interior design journey an absolute pleasure. I cannot recommend them highly enough to anyone seeking to transform their space into something truly remarkable."

Mr Thomas
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