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Katie has interpreted many design briefs throughout her career, from the bold and beautiful to the calm and serene. Whatever your personal style or brand image the team at ATELIER/ i . d . will guide you through the maze of design concepts. There is now a myriad of style ideas, lifestyle imagery and decorating directions to choose from - and all to view in the palm of our hands via social media. It's no wonder that many of our clients come to us overwhelmed and confused; how do you focus and select what's right for you, does it suit your project, how do you narrow down the options, how do you decide whether trend design or classicism is best? At ATELIER/ i . d .  we will edit your over excited Pinterest boards, polish your brand moodboards, align your countless Instagram inspirational images and limit your lifestyle 'phraseology'. We have your individuality at the core of our professional practice and we strive to understand your brief, interpret your lifestyle or brand, and reflect that personality in your interior design. Its your handwriting, not ours. 

Sincere thanks to our wonderful clients who have allowed us to showcase our collaborative work, their personal spaces or professional projects in the above Portfolio. We are proud of our work and we are very grateful for their support, and we more than appreciate their willingness and openness to allow the world have a nose around! Thank you for helping us spread the design love!

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"Creativity is Contagious, Pass it On"


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